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What is an eCommerce?

An eCommerce is a must-have tool for any serious shop. Simply put, it is a virtual store on the internet where a visitor can buy a product or service in real time.

Increase competitiveness

If you are in any type of sale and still wonder whether you really need an eCommerce, you are already giving away a substantial part of your profit to the competition. Don’t let them take it completely!

We are all special

We create individually programmed eCommerce or offer premade solutions that we customize for each client, depending on the needs and budget.


Basic characteristics

Selling all kinds of goods, services and digital products. Choosing between various product sizes and colors (e.g. if you are selling clothing or footwear)


Connecting the database

Your eCommerce can be connected to the database and instantly sync product categories with accounting software and warehouse.


Web shop upgrades

The possibility to add new functionalities, such as online booking for apartments or hotels and subscription to online magazines or services.

Payment Gateway – the payment system.

Payment Gateway is the application that processes debit and credit card payments. You can choose a Payment Gateway provider based on your needs, or you can leave the choice to us.

In the process of creating a eCommerce, our developers connect the application to the online store. Payments can be made at any moment during the day. The system works with all major credit cards, and some even offer payment with up to 24 monthly instalments.

Product management

Always be in the know with how many products are in the warehouse. Offer various payment structures by assigning specific tax rates and discounts.

Product display

Sort your product according to price, date or alphabetically. Filter within a specific price range.

Made for customers

Adding a product to favorites, product comparison, sharing the product link, social share buttons.

Availability notification

The “Notify me” function comes in handy if the product is currently not available. The customer gets an email as soon as the product is back in stock.

Shipping cost

Enjoy the flexibility of adding free shipping, setting a fixed rate or calculating shipping cost based on specific criteria.


Enable your customers to pay via invoice, cash, credit cards or Paypal. Offer payment in monthly instalments.

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