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oglašavanje na internetu


AdWords is a Google tool for advertising on the Internet. Ads are displayed on Google and on websites that show Google ads to users based on selected keywords. Payment is made per click.


For a successful campaign it is necessary to select correct keywords and write enticing titles and descriptions. When writing your campaign, choose popular keywords that are relevant to website content.


Banners are placed on popular websites whose content is relevant to your website. They can feature a picture or animation linking to your website. Banners are usually created in various dimensions to fit the ad space.


Facebook advertising

Facebook has over a billion active users, which makes it a perfect platform for internet marketing. Ads are paid per click or per thousand impressions. It is very common to choose per click payment, but on occasion we see better results with campaigns that are paid per thousand impressions.


Instagram advertising

Instagram is growing in popularity as one of the strongest social networks for sharing images. With your internet marketing ad, you can drive users to your website, app page or video. It is important to note that Instagram is a visual network, so your ad should be visually appealing.


Twitter advertising

Twitter is a popular social network for internet marketing. Ads are paid per click, impression or number of followers. Writing a good ad text  essential for Twitter ads. Keep in mind to fit all text into 140 characters.

Turn visitors into permanent users

Advertising and SEO will bring visitors to your website, but you want more than visitors. The goal of each brand is to have users that return to their site and feel a bond to the brand. In order to achieve that, you need social media presence and newsletter campaigns.

Facebook page

On Facebook you can have your own page. On it you can post and share information and news about your products/services as well as your business structure. By creating interesting posts, you get fans and potential clients.

Facebook fans

Fans see updates on your Facebook feed and if they like what you post, they share it with their friends. Every share can bring you a potential new client or user.

Other social networks

You can open a company profile on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other up-and-coming social networks. Regular presence is important to get as many followers as possible.

Newsletter subscription

Newsletters are a great way to inform users about new products, services and discounts and maintain brand loyalty. It goes back to back with your advertising strategy and helps keep users engaged.

Newsletter campaign

Be creative when writing your newsletter campaign. You can send it multiple times per month but we recommend not sending it too often. Once or twice per week is enough or otherwise you may turn users away or and bring them to unsubscribe.

Make a sale

Inform your customers about discounts. In this way you entice them to buy a product they haven’t thought of buying before. The customer gets a product at a lower price, and you make a sale.

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