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SEO: Search engine optimization

Design and functionality of a website aren’t enough to bring in clients. It is important that your site is visible on search engines. That is the purpose of SEO.

Optimizacija za tražilice

What is SEO?

SEO includes a series of actions with the ultimate goal of helping search engines understand the core of the website and by doing so,  position it high in search results for specific keywords.


Technical and content optimisation

We can distinguish two search engine optimisations: technical and content optimisation. With technical optimisation we analyse and optimise code and with content optimisation – the website content.


Technical optimisation

Search engines look through the website code and try to understand the purpose of that website. If the site has too much code that takes a long time to load or if the code is not structured properly, search engines will have a difficult time reading it and will position the website lower in search results. This is the reason code needs to be clean and well structured.


The importance of tags

“Title” and “description” tags are visible in search results, “h” tags are used to highlight important content and “alt” tags describe images. In technical optimisation, we check if the website has all the necessary tags, if their number is optimal and if all tags are filled.



The majority of users today browse the Internet on their smartphones. A website needs to be responsive in order to appear in search results. Responsive design also means better user experience for your visitors.

Content search engine optimisation.

With content search engine optimisation we suggest to search engines which keywords are important for the website. In return, this results in higher ranking in search results.

Content optimisation is very important because, apart from good ranking, its goal is to keep users on the website and create conversions.

Target audience

Define a specific target audience you want to reach. Are those children, older generation, youth or all of the above? Are those men, women or do you speak to both sexes? Are you targeting specific countries or cities or does geographic location play no part?


Example: You rent cars in Zagreb. Your target audience are business people and tourists in Zagreb. Keywords are: car rental Zagreb, rent-a-car Zagreb, etc.

Content creation

Website content should have one goal: attracting and converting users. Each category on your website should have a description that will interest users. Include relevant keywords when planning your content.

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