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Izrada vizualnog identiteta

What is visual identity?

If we sum up all the technical definitions into a short description understandable to regular folk, visual identity is a collection of symbols: logotype, mark, slogan, communication materials (memo, business card, envelope), marketing materials (flyer, catalogue, brochure) and all other visual elements that represent the company and make it recognizable on the market.

Purpose of visual identity

A large number of companies try to cut corners on this segment. This is a mistake, as a serious company builds their image not only on their products or services. There is only one purpose of visual identity: reputation. These elements (website, business card or flyer) are the main factor in the way you are perceived on the market. First impressions matter – this is not just a washed-out phrase, but a hard fact.

Visual identity

Impact on clients

Logo design, font choice and color palette are the key elements in making a good first impression. Whether you will be recognized as a serious and credible company is in large part dependent on your visual identity. Web design follows your visual identity and gives your clients the feeling of security when doing business with you.


Logo & mark design

Logotype and mark are the key elements of your visual identity. They are the first contact with your potential customers or partners, so it is essential that their design leaves a strong first impression.



Tagline is a motto or a phrase that is used for promoting a company or product. A tagline has to be short, sweet and easy to remember. Great example is Nikon’s tagline: “At the heart of the image.”


Other visual materials

Business cards, flyers, catalogues and packaging design (as well as other brand materials) should follow brand colors and fonts which are defined in the brand book.

Why you should hire a professional?

Amateur designers have a habit of using premade solutions they found online, which means you are in danger of having the exact same logo as that local store you pass on the street. Even if they do create something original, they usually don’t have the knowledge to properly create a brand book and adjust the elements to different use cases.

A professional designer with experience, in addition to having the knowledge and software needed for execution, is aware that the logo will be the visual signature of a client’s business, product or service. It must leave a unique and recognizable impression, not just stand out from the competition, but be (and remain) memorable.

Basic rules
of visual identity

Simplicity, minimalism and clean lines are the foundation of our design philosophy. Each company has their own personality, and we translate it into a visual solution that stands out from the competition.

Elements of the
brand book

Logotype and application examples. Font choices. Corporate color scheme. Business card, memo and envelope design.

We have over
20 years of experience

We will plan and design all visual elements for your company, based on your ideas or the inspiration of our experienced designers.

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