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Izrada web aplikacija

What are web apps?

Web applications are program solutions that are located on the web server (as opposed to on the computer) and are accessed in the same way as any website – through a web browser.


Web apps are specific in one way – they can work on all platforms. You don’t have to be tied to your office because you can access them from any location with an Internet connection.


The main advantage of web applications, compared to desktop applications, is that they need to be installed only once. After a web app is installed on the server, it can be accessed from all devices that have a web browser.


Not system-dependent

Web apps don’t depend on the operating system of the device. For that reason, they can be accessed from any device, regardless if the operating system is Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.



Web apps are located on a server and are accessed by a browser and Internet connection. That means they can be used anywhere on the planet, and not just in your office.


Easy to upgrade

Upgrading web apps is much simpleer than upgrading desktop apps. After the app is upgraded, changes are instantly visible on all devices.

What are web apps used for?

Web apps are most often used in business, as a means of completing certain tasks (e.g. application for order management, content management system etc.), and are often used for educational purposes and fun (i.e. quizzes, games etc.).

There are various web applications on Internet. However, they are not custom built for each user so they may lack some of the features you need. Custom built web applications can also be connected to your website.

Creating web applications

We create web apps for the specific needs of each client. You decide which functionalities and characteristics the app will have. You can choose the design of the app as well.


While building a web app, we pay special attention to security. During programming, we use methods and standards that provide a high level of security.


We regularly maintain web apps so that they function correctly and keep up with the fast-changing technology. We upgrade existing web applications with new functionalities.

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