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Creating a website begins with getting to know the client. We collect detailed information about client’s requirements, ideas and wishes.

Project draft

After a detailed analysis, we inform the client about possible options, create an offer with a detailed specification and recommend the best solution for their specific needs.

Izrada web stranica

Project documentation

Project documentation is necessary when working on a more demanding project. Within the documentation we define all requirements as well as the process for creating a website.


Domain and web hosting

In case you don’t have a registered domain, we register it for you through our domain register. We create a web hosting package where your data, website and email accounts will be stored. All our servers are located in Croatia.


Rough draft

Creating a simple website draft using a computer program, or manually. We determine the position of main elements on the website. The sketch is for information purposes only and serves as the basis for web design.


Responsive web design

Responsive web design simply means the adjustment of a website to different browsers, devices and screen sizes. A responsive website recognizes the device and automatically adapts to fit the screen size.

Website development.

Once the client approves the web design, we begin developing – coding the website. The first step is installing a CMS system that enables the client to administer the content on the website.

We configure program applications, modules and functionalities (eCommerce, booking system, video and photo gallery, forum, newsletter module). At this stage, we insert and format the initial content (text, pictures, product or service databases)


The project is tested on various browsers, operating systems and devices. We detect and fix potential mistakes and bugs.


Once testing is done and the client approves the work, the website is ready to go live on the domain.

Employee education

We educate your employees in person or via Skype, and can create a technical user manual.

System maintenance

System maintenance is needed so that the website is up to date at all times, and to avoid potential security threats that can appear over time. Maintenance includes regular testing, as well as component and module upgrades.

Content management

For all clients who, due to lack of time, are not able to produce quality content for their website. We can update and create new content, administer the database and make other necessary interventions.

Web marketing

Website optimization for better Google ranking. We can create Facebook pages, newsletter campaigns and banner ads as well as run Google Adwords and social media campaigns.

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