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Template or custom design?

custom Design

You are wondering which is right for you – a template or a custom design? The deciding factor should be the goal of your website, the way you wish to present yourself and the content itself. Generally speaking, if the website will contain only basic company info and contact form, a premade template could be the right choice for you. But, if the website should contribute to the profit, you might consider going with a custom solution. In order to help you, we bring you main attributes of both solutions.


Popular CMS systems, such as WordPress, have a number of premade designs (templates) created for specific businesses. But it is possible that with this template you will get some functionalities you will never use. Also, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of websites that use the same template and your site will look the same or very similar to other websites. In the next section we talk about the advantages of templates.


Contrary to custom design, that takes time to design and develop, a template only requires installation and adjustment to your needs. That way, in a very short time frame, you can have a professional website.


Creating a custom design requires more time and money. A template rarely costs over a hundred Euros, and can even be free (definitely avoid using free templates). If you include the price of configuring and adapting the template to your needs, the total price will be far less than that of a custom design.

Custom web design

Custom design is planned and made according to your needs and designer guidelines. However, you have to be aware that a custom b-uilt website can’t be made overnight. It is a large project that requires time for planning, sketching and, of course, design and development. Read more about the main advantages of custom- made designs.


Unlike a premade template, where many websites have the same design, custom made websites are unique – there are no sites on the Internet with the same design. This way, you can create brand recognition and separate yourself from the crowd of similar websites.


Every element on a custom-built site is created to fit your desires and needs. Also, with custom made designs, there are no unwanted functionalities. You decide which functionalities you need and where they will appear on the site.

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